Transport Minister comments on latest road casualty statistics

Commenting on the publication of Key Reported Road Casualties Scotland 2021, Transport Minister Jenny Gilruth said:

“The statistics published today confirm that for another year, overall road casualties on Scotland’s roads are at the lowest levels since annual records began in 1950.

“However, like the figures for 2020, we should remember that the 2021 casualty numbers will be affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and the associated changes in travel.

“Whilst it’s no surprise that with fewer car trips during the second national lockdown we’re seeing fewer road casualties, prior to the pandemic road casualties in Scotland had been showing a clear, ongoing reduction and we must continue our hard work in this area as travel behaviours return to normal.

“One death on Scotland’s roads is one too many. The fact that road casualties are at historically low levels means very little to those who have sadly lost friends and loved ones in tragic circumstances.”


  • In February 2021 the Scottish Government published an ambitious Road Safety Framework for the next decade.
  • The framework sets out a compelling long-term goal for road safety, Vision Zero, where there are zero fatalities and injuries on Scotland’s roads by 2050.
  • The journey to achieving this goal also includes ambitious interim targets where the number of people being killed or seriously injured on our roads will be halved by 2030.

Published 25 May 2022