Transport Minister welcomes A83 progress

The meeting was the first since Humza Yousaf was appointed as Transport Minister and he underlined the Scottish Government’s commitment to working alongside all partners to maintain access to the area.

Since the last taskforce meeting in January, further improvements include:

  • £365,000 on debris barrier repairs and improvements
  • £1.065 million on resurfacing works at 5 locations
  • £150,000 safety fencing
  • £125,000 hillside drainage at Loch Shira
  • £112,000 drainage works on the Local Diversion Route (OMR)
  • £150,000 vegetation clearance at Erines
  • Lining, signing and footway works on route

In the coming months, major work is planned at Strone Point and the Local Diversion Route along the Old Military Road will also be widened to help speed up journey times if it is brought into use.

The Transport Minister, Humza Yousaf said:

“I made it a priority to visit the Rest and Be Thankful to find out more about the landslide mitigation work taking place when I took up the post of Transport Minister earlier this year as I understand how important it is to the local area. The Scottish Government is committed to the task and invested over £53M in A83 overall since 2007 to ensure that it operates safely and efficiently.

“The important programme of landslide mitigation works is continuing at pace to keep the area open for business. By the end of 2017/18, we will have invested £13.5 million to mitigate the effects of landslides at the Rest and Be Thankful.

“We are listening to what people are telling us and work to improve the Old Military Road Diversion Route is on-going, following discussions at the last Taskforce meeting in January.

“It was very interesting to hear the views of those at the meeting today and I am sure that we can make progress on the issues raised and strengthen our approach as we move forward with the community.”

Notes to editors

The netting at the Rest and Be Thankful has prevented around 2,200 tonnes of debris from reaching the road since it was introduced.

The Local Diversion Route has been used on 3 occasions to keep Argyll open for business by allowing traffic to continue on the A83 instead of the longer diversion.

Published 7 Sep 2016 Tags