Upgraded A77 safety cameras go live

The A77 Safety Group were responsible for the introduction of the first average speed camera system in Scotland in 2005. The Group’s objective was to encourage improved driver behaviour and compliance with the speed limit.

Since its original introduction there have been significant reductions in casualties along the length of the A77 in which the system operates.

With the passage of time the original system was nearing the end of its design life and has been upgraded to incorporate the latest technology. The system will be operational before the end of June.

Stewart Leggett, Transport Scotland’s Head of Network Operations said:

“Safety is an absolute priority and the investment in camera upgrades are central to ensuring that we continue to positively influence driver behaviour on the A77.

“The latest available figures for the A77 show that in the last three years there have been 77% fewer deaths and 74% fewer serious injuries compared to the 2005 baseline. We expect the new and improved cameras will continue to support this reduction in casualties.”

Chief Superintendent Andy Edmonston, Head of Road Policing with Police Scotland said:

“The average speed cameras have for 10 years now played a major role in influencing driver behaviour along the A77 and this is supported by the significant reduction in casualties and the very low level of drivers reported for exceeding the speed limit.

The upgrading of the cameras as they reach the end of their operational life is a natural progression to ensuring that continuity in driver behaviour is maintained across the route.”

For more information on the A77 cameras, please visit http://www.a77road.info/

Notes to editors

  1. The original A77 average speed cameras used the first generation SPECS 1 system.
  2. The refurbished system uses the latest SPECS Vector technology which has Home Office Type Approval.
  3. There is no change in how the system operates.
  4. The upgraded system extends from Dutch House near Monkton to south of Girvan.
  5. There is no increase in the number of camera stations but some have been repositioned based on operational experience and to improve conspicuity
  6. The operational management of the system will be undertaken by the West Safety Camera Unit

Published 21 Jun 2016