EU Exit (Brexit)

Transport Scotland is working with the UK Government, other agencies, transport providers, ports and airports to plan for all scenarios in relation to EU Exit (Brexit), including exiting without a deal.

This may include changes to travel, both to and from European Union countries, and to paperwork for hauliers and drivers to the Continent and to customs arrangements.

The Dover crossings and Channel Tunnel are important links for Scottish imports and exports, particularly goods with a limited shelf life and just in time deliveries.

We are working to see what can be done to assist businesses with their preparations.

As details will be changing over time in relation to Brexit, we'll update this section when new information becomes available.

Transport after EU exit (travel and haulage)

The website provides information about the UK's possible exit from the European Union and how it may affect people and businesses in Scotland.

This includes a transport section featuring guidance on areas including driving in the EU, travelling as a haulier, and passport arrangements.

It also features links to the UK Government website for additional advice.

The Scottish Government and Brexit

Information on Scottish Government policy in relation to EU Exit, including publications and news, is available on the website.

Transport Scotland is part of the on-going preparations for a ‘no deal’ through the Scottish Government Resilience Committee.

While everything possible will be done to mitigate the impact of a ‘no deal’ some disruption is likely due to the complex nature of the issues faced.

Information for businesses

The Prepare for Brexit toolkit is a one-stop shop for companies, whether or not they export and regardless of size or sector. It includes an online self-assessment tool as well as expert advice, events and workshops and financial support.