Work on the Scottish Trunk Road Network

Information for developers

Transport Scotland encourages pre-application discussions. Effective engagement can lead to a more efficient planning application process with shorter timescales and more effective use of resources for all parties.

We encourage applicants, their consultants and planning authorities to discuss their proposals with us as at the earliest opportunity and whenever a query arises. This allows a shared understanding of the nature of the proposed development in the first instance.

When planning permission has been granted by the Local Authority, developers must then follow a clear process to agree the detail of any proposed changes to the trunk road network and gain appropriate permission to carry out the work.

Please note that this process can take a considerable period of time to conclude, but equally can be subject to some change dependent on the nature and scale of the development being brought forward. It is important that early contact is made with us to enable early discussion on requirements and likely timeframes.

To find the point of contact in Transport Scotland please ring us on 0141 272 7100 and ask to speak to the Area Manager for the trunk road that you propose to work on.

Procedure and steps needed to achieve the necessary approvals

Pre-Construction Phase

  1. Contact us to provide contact details, establish Transport Scotland project sponsor and name of the relevant Operating Company, and have early discussion on timeline for project.
  2. Review details relating to letter of undertaking, minute of agreement, and bond. Complete letter of undertaking and return to Transport Scotland. (See documents below)
  3. Confirm that F10 has been issued to HSE (as required) and supply copy to Transport Scotland.
  4. Submit design drawings to Transport Scotland and confirm the requirement for any departures. Departures to be submitted to Transport Scotland as required.
    Departures from Standard - Advice and Procedures Guide
  5. Ensure that stage 1 and 2 road safety audits are completed, and all findings are suitably addressed. Note Transport Scotland will act as the project sponsor for this process.
  6. Obtain technical approval from Transport Scotland. Please note that the responsibility for the design and compliance with required standards rests with the developer.
  7. Submit signed Minute of Agreement for Transport Scotland signature and 'original' Bond along with all necessary consents.
    Road Construction Consent
  8. Obtain Transport Scotland approval for proposed contractors
  9. Submit and receive approval for TM plans and Construction Phase Plans from Transport Scotland / Operating Company.


Construction Phase

  1. Apply for road space for works through Operating Company (note that this requires a minimum notice period which depends on the impact the works will have on the network).
  2. Undertake works in accordance with approved drawings and specification.
  3. Advise Transport Scotland and Operating Company when works are practically complete.
  4. Ensure that a stage 3 road safety audit is completed and all findings are suitably addressed. Note Transport Scotland will act as the project sponsor for this process.

Post Construction Phase

  1. Maintain public liability insurance in the sum of no less than £10 million for a period of 5 years from Date of Practical Completion (DoPC).
  2. Provide H&S File to Transport Scotland within 8 weeks of the date of the Certificate of Practical Completion being issued.
  3. Deliver 'as-built' information to Transport Scotland.
  4. Acquire and convey to Transport Scotland, within 12 months of DoPC, all land by means of a valid and properly executed conveyance.
  5. Ensue that a stage 4 road safety audit is completed and that all findings are suitably addressed. Note Transport Scotland will act as the project sponsor for this process.
  6. Repair and remedy all defects occurring within the ‘defects maintenance period’ through liaison with the relevant Operating Company.
  7. Undertake inspection with Transport Scotland and Operating Company prior to the date of final completion.