Get ready for winter

With winter almost upon us, the contractor for the AWPR/B-T is continuing to update and refine its plans for keeping the roads for which it is responsible open to traffic, and is also asking road users to play their part to get ready for winter.

Aberdeen Roads Limited is currently operating and maintaining a section of the existing A90 between Murcar Roundabout and Ellon South Roundabout, and the new Craibstone Junction on the A96.  However, all road users have a part to play in ensuring they are fully prepared for winter weather.

Malcolm Findlay, General Manager of Aberdeen Roads Limited, said:

“We started to plan for this winter almost as soon as the last winter season ended. Using data from the previous winter period, we analysed any trends and identified areas that could be improved to ensure a safe network is maintained. Our team has also reviewed and updated Winter Service Plans, maintained and upgraded equipment where necessary and replenished salt (grit) stocks. Our workers have also received additional training, for instance on the interpretation of weather forecasts.

“With the days getting shorter and light fading faster, it is now is a good time for road users to plan for how they’ll keep safe on the road this autumn and winter. They should plan their journey and modify their driving to match the weather conditions. We also ask them to take more care than usual when approaching any interface with the project to allow adequate time to react to any changes to the road layout, or temporary traffic management that they may not be used to.”

Aberdeen Roads Limited has set out 10 items drivers should take with them if they have no choice but to drive in winter weather:

  • an ice scraper and de-icer on every journey
  • clean cloths to clear windscreens/windows
  • a high-visibility vest/coat
  • a warning triangle
  • a fully charged mobile phone – for use only when parked safely
  • a wind-up torch or battery torch with spare batteries
  • a blanket, warm coat and boots
  • sunglasses (the low winter sun and glare off snow or wet roads can be dazzling)
  • a spade, if driving in snow
  • snow socks or an old rug to help with traction if you’re stuck

In addition, when setting out on journeys during the winter season, you should consider taking food and a hot drink in a thermos with you, as well as a first aid kit and any medication you or other people travelling with you need to take regularly. You can also check the latest reports of current road conditions and severe weather warnings at