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Schoolchildren “go back to the future” on A9 Improvement Project

20 Jan 2020

The contractor on Transport Scotland’s A9 Berriedale Braes Improvement Project has helped schoolchildren in their bid to communicate with the future.

A9 Dualling: Luncarty to Pass of Birnam - Construction update - Autumn 2019

1 Dec 2019

During Autumn 2019, the project moved into another exciting phase with the first layers of the new road being laid at the southern section of the site, between the Luncarty and Stanley junctions

One year on - Bridge Beams, Community Benefits and Barnardos

29 Oct 2019

We look back at what has been achieved on this section of the A9 Dualling programme, one year on from the award of the construction contract to dual the A9 from Luncarty to Pass of Birnam

Insight into on-site construction as part of Doors Open Day 2019

13 Sep 2019

The A9 Dualling: Luncarty to Pass of Birnam project welcomed 57 visitors to site as part of Doors Open Day 2019

A9 Dualling: Luncarty to Pass of Birnam - Construction update - Summer 2019

1 Sep 2019

The earthworks stage of the project continued throughout Summer 2019 with the majority of earthworks to the south of the new Stanley/Tullybelton junction nearing completion

Volunteers help with landscaping works at Fairview School

7 Jun 2019

Volunteer landscaping works to improve the school’s garden area, making it more accessible and attractive for students and their families

A9 Dualling: Luncarty to Pass of Birnam - Construction update - Spring 2019

1 Jun 2019

Since the construction contract was awarded in September 2018, preparatory works including design, and construction works have progressed well during the initial months to June 2019

Cabinet Secretary seeks urgent meeting with AWPR contractors

31 Jan 2019

Craibstone to Stonehaven and Charleston

10 Dec 2018

This approximately 32km length of the project represents around 55 per cent of the entire AWPR/B-T project and links to key junctions between Stonehaven in the south, Craibstone to the north and Charleston to the east

Parkhill (Goval) to Blackdog

25 Jun 2018

The new link between Parkhill (Goval) and Blackdog will bring reduced journey times, improved journey time reliability, reduced congestion, enhanced safety and better local access

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