A68 Pathhead to Tynehead

What's involved?

Widening the road to improve overtaking opportunities in both south and northbound directions over scheme length of approximately 2km.

Project benefits

The scheme is needed to:

  • Improve the operational performance, level service and safety on the A68
  • Improve and increase the number of overtaking opportunities
  • Incorporate the needs of cyclist and pedestrians
  • Maintain the asset values of the A68
  • Mitigate environmental impacts of works and to achieve good value for money


The project is going through the stage three assessment process.

Cost, Start Date and Completion Date

These details are available from the programme document

Impact on travel

As the proposed work is predominately not concerned with the existing route there will be no disruption to the free flow of traffic through-out the term of the works.

Traffic management

Traffic management will be in place the full length of the works.

Environmental impact

Environmental surveys have identified otter and badger sets in the vicinity of the site.