A9 Cromarty Bridge refurbishment

This bridge is now 30 years old and requires essential maintenance repairs.

As the structure is located in an aggressive marine environment, some of the structural elements on the bridge are approaching the end of their serviceable life and need to be repaired or replaced.

What is involved?

Specialist contractors will carry out the work in phases. This will consist of:

  • Replacement of bridge parapet and bearings
  • Repairs to the concrete bridge deck, crossheads and piers
  • Formation of new deck joints to improve structural continuity of the concrete bridge deck
  • New waterproofing will be applied to the concrete deck
  • Resurfacing of the road surface
  • Cathodic protection measures to enhance durability of the major concrete structural members of the bridge.

How much will it cost?

The overall cost of the repairs has been estimated at £21 million, over several years. The first phase of the works (covering the first four spans) was complete in October 2011 at a cost of £0.8 million.

Phase 1 Construction

What stage is it at?

The phase 1 contract was complete in October 2011.  A contract strategy is currently being developed for the remaining bridge repairs. Lessons learned from phase 1 are being incorporated into this strategy. Consultation, scheme preparation, design and contract preparation for phase 2 will be carried out in 2014/15.

How will it affect me?

During the main works phases much of the work will be undertaken using single-lane working controlled by traffic signals. Otherwise, where possible, two way traffic will be maintained. You should expect minor delays due to the single way working.

A temporary speed restriction will also be in place throughout the works. You should allow extra time for your journey or consider using an alternative route while the works are carried out. Advance information will be available on the Traffic Scotland website and through both local and national media.

Variable Message Signs on the trunk road network will provide up-to-date information during the works to advise of any delays.

What is being done to reduce the environment impact?

The environmental impact will be minimal as the works are confined mainly to the bridge. Control measures will be put in place to protect the local environment. Control measures will be put in place to minimise and protect the important bird nesting sites and seal breeding areas. Full consultation with the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA), Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) and Marine Scotland will be undertaken. All works are subject to control in accordance with the appropriate Environmental Assessment which was produced in advance of the Contract being awarded.

Are there any other online legal documents / public notices relating to this project?

A Notice of Determination and Marine License will be published for each phase of the project.