A96 Fochabers and Mosstodloch Bypass

The A96 Trunk Road Bypass of Fochabers and Mosstodloch improves the main A96 route between Aberdeen and Inverness.

The £31.5 million Fochabers and Mosstodloch bypass will reduce traffic congestion and improve road safety and journey times along this important route linking two of the main cities in the north of Scotland.

The opening of the scheme, along with other work going on along the A96, reinforces the Scottish Government's commitment to the route.

The bypass consists of 5.1 km of single carriageway road, four roundabouts and junctions with the existing side road network.

Project benefits

  • Traffic impacts on the local residents in terms of noise, pollution and community severance are severe at present - in particular in Fochabers.
  • Fochabers is a renowned conservation area with a substantial number of listed buildings.
  • The proposed bypasses will remove through traffic from Fochabers and Mosstodloch and will allow improved ovetaking opportunities to both eastbound and westbound traffic.


These details are available from the programme document

Impact on travel

  • Improved journey times
  • Improved road safety
  • Improved overtaking

Traffic management

Significant works would be required adjacent to the existing bridge over the Spey which will involve significant traffic management.

Environmental impact

There will be a reduction in environmental impacts in central areas of Fochabers and Mosstodloch.

The proposed Fochabers section of the bypasses introduces new environmental impacts into sensitive designed landscape of Gordon Castle and noise impacts into the northern side of Fochabers. This will be mitigated in the design requirements for the scheme.

There would be no impacts on the River Spey special area of Conservation.


The scheme will bypass Mosstodloch to the south, crossing the river Spey by utilising the existing Fochabers New Bridge before passing along the northern edge of Fochabers and reconnecting with the existing A96 at the eastern end of the village. Roundabouts on the bypass at Cowfords, Coul Brae, Spey Bay and Fochabers East will provide local access to Mosstodloch / Fochabers, the realigned B9015 Rothes Road, the B9014 Spey Bay Road and the A98.


A96 Fochabers & Mosstodloch Bypass – Public Consultation Exercise December 2007

Options Assessment Reports and Decision Letter confirming the options being taken forward for:

  1. the mitigation strategy between Gordon Castle main estate driveway and the realigned Gordon Castle Farm road, including the reconstructed wall adjacent to Castle Street
  2. the access road to Gordon Castle Farm

A96 Fochabers and Mosstodloch bypass - public consultation - decision letter (PDF)

A96 Fochabers and Mosstodloch bypass – public consultation - Mitigation Strategy for the Bypass between the Gordon Castle Main Estate Driveway and the realigned Gordon Castle Farm Road Options Assessment Report (PDF)

A96 Fochabers and Mosstodloch bypass – public consultation – Access Road to Gordon Castle Farm Options Assessment Report (PDF)