A985 Kincardine Bridge refurbishment — phase 1, central swing span re-waterproofing

What's involved?

The works to re-waterproof the two central swing spans were undertaken in Spring 2015.

The works involved:

  • Removal of the existing carriageway surfacing and deck waterproofing
  • Inspection and testing of the bridge deck
  • Concrete repairs and preparation of the bridge deck
  • Application of waterproofing to the bridge deck
  • Re-surfacing of the bridge deck
  • Installation of new bridge deck expansion joints

The cost of the works was approximately £350,000.

Project benefits

The works will help to maintain the integrity of the bridge by preventing deterioration of the central spans ensuring long term use by all vehicle types.


The Central Swing Span Re-waterproofing works are complete and the next phase of works is currently being designed.

Traffic management

In future phases  we will continue to maintain traffic across the bridge by closing one lane only and working on one lane at any one time. Consequently, traffic will be controlled using temporary traffic lights and the layout altered as works progress.

The Phase 1 works started on 27 February 2015 and were completed within the programme.

Details on future phases will be published here.

Impact on travel

We have undertaken traffic studies and modelling of the proposed traffic management to determine the extent of any delays and impact on traffic in the surrounding area. Our modelling suggests that under normal circumstances delays will be up to 15 minutes at peak times.

Environmental impact

Consultation has been undertaken with Statutory Authorities to identify any environmental risks and to ensure that the most appropriate construction techniques and mitigation measures are in place.

The works will include a number of noise generating activities. However, these will generally be undertaken during the day and will not be permitted to exceed local authority noise limits.


What work are you planning to undertake on Kincardine Bridge?
The future maintenance will include the phased removal of the bridge deck surfacing and replacement of the existing bridge deck waterproofing and movement joints.

Why are you undertaking this work Kincardine Bridge now?
The road surfacing of the bridge has reached the end of its operational life. By replacing it now we are ensuring the safety and reliability of the bridge for the future.

When does the work begin and end?
The Phase 1 works were completed in spring 2015. Details on further phases will be posted here.

How will the road works affect pedestrians or cyclists crossing the bridge?
While single lanes of the carriageway may be closed while the work is taking place the pedestrian footpaths/cycle paths will remain open throughout.

Why is replacing the waterproofing system so important?
Replacing the waterproofing system will not have an effect on journey times but will have a positive impact on safety and the bridges integrity.

Without an adequate waterproofing system, the deck will be exposed to the elements in terms of rain infiltrating through the porous road surfacing. This could accelerate the breakdown of concrete and in turn the surfacing above, creating rutting and potholes and possibly dangerous driving conditions.

Future works

Following the re-waterproofing of the Central Swing Spans there will be further phases of works to re-waterproof and re-surface the full length of the bridge over several years. Phase 2 is currently being designed and further details will be supplied in due course.

In addition, further works proposed at the bridge involve the reconstruction/strengthening of the southern approach viaduct, painting of the bridge’s steelwork, works to the bridge parapets and footways and refurbishment of the bridge’s bearings.

These works are currently at the feasibility stage but will be proceed to the design and construction stages over the coming years. Further details will be provided here.