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Our document and publications library acts as a record of our ongoing development and work to date on the Forth Replacement Crossing project. Please select a topic to view detailed listings or contact us for further enquiries.

Monitoring and construction

Traffic | Air quality | Noise and vibration | Neighbourhood notifications | Construction plans

Community forums

Community Forum | North Community Forum | South Community Forum | M9 Junction 1A Forum | Community Forum Workshop - 31 March 2011 - Minutes

Working groups

Marine Liaison Group | Environment Liaison Group

Traffic Management Working Group | Noise Liaison Group


Forth Crossing Act | Forth Crossing Bill - Supporting Documents

Project development

Forth Replacement Study (2007) | FRC Studies and Reports (2008 - 2011) |



Fife ITS: Sustainability Appraisal and Carbon Management Report
Status: Final | Original Publication Date: May 2015| Notes: None

M9 Junction 1a Sustainability Appraisal Plan
Status: Final | Original Publication Date: January 2015| Notes: None

Other publications

Further material relating to the Forth Replacement Crossing project will feature here.

Lessons Learned from the Forth Replacement Crossing Project 2007 to 2017

M9 Junction 1a: Part One Notice

Engaging with Communities – Construction
Status: Final | Original Publication Date: August 2011| Notes: updated July 2014

Fife ITS: Part One Notice