Highland Main Line

The Highland Main Line runs from Perth to Inverness and enables passengers heading north to explore the scenic Scottish Highlands. 

Our investment in this project will improve connections between the north of Scotland and the central belt and boost economic growth for the whole of Scotland.

Phase One

Phase one of the project was delivered in December 2012, which increased services from nine to 11 trains per day and reduced journey times by an average of six minutes (and on some services by up to 18 minutes) at a cost of £1.2 million.

Phase Two

Phase two of the £57 million project was completed (infrastructure ready for use) on 25 March 2019, on time and under budget.

This new infrastructure has provided an immediate performance and resilience enhancement onto the route.

In May 2020 we expect the following key outputs:

  1. An hourly service between Perth-Inverness extended to Glasgow or Edinburgh
  2. Average journey time improvement of around 10 minutes
  3. More efficient freight operations.

The long-term goal of the Highland Mainline enhancements programme seeks to achieve a fastest journey time of 2 hours 45 minutes between Inverness and the Central Belt with an average journey time of 3 hours and an hourly service by 2025.

The exact scope and timing of works for future HML phases has yet to be determined and will be led initially by the forthcoming refresh of the Scottish Government’s Strategic Transport Projects Review (STPR).

Find out more at Network Rail’s Highland Main Line site