M8 Harthill Footbridge replacement

What’s involved?

Replacement of the existing footbridge with a combined pedestrian/cycleway which not only complies with current standards, but also provides an aesthetically pleasing gateway structure that will encourage the use of the recently extensively redeveloped site.

Project Benefits

The existing footbridge was built at the first service station in Scotland after the completion of the M8 in 1965.  The existing footbridge is almost 40 years old, in poor condition and does not meet modern access requirements.

The new footbridge will complete the redevelopment of the site, which includes a recent Transport Scotland investment of £1.1m in a new transport interchange.

Improved facilities include car parking facilities, bus shelters, waiting areas and CCTV.

The new footbridge demonstrates Transport Scotland’s commitment to encouraging motorists and pedestrians to use public transport.

After the new footbridge has been completed the existing structure will be demolished.


These details are available from the programme document.

Impact on travel

The impact on road users and customers to the service area and park and ride will be minimal. 

Traffic Management

Closures of the M8 will be required when the new bridge is lifted into position and existing footbridge is demolished.  There will be advance notification of these road closures and disruption will be kept to a minimum with overnight weekend closures only being permitted.

Environmental Impact

Overall, the construction of the new footbridge will have no significant long-term adverse impacts. There may be some disruption during construction although this will be short term and temporary.