M8 Hillington Footbridge replacement

Why is it needed?

Hillington Footbridge is located around 1.1 km west of Junction 26 on the M8 motorway and provides a pedestrian route over the motorway between Cockles Loan on the north side and Arkleston Road on the south.

The existing structure was struck by an over height vehicle in September 2008, resulting in two of the main steel support beams being severely damaged.

A temporary repair was made in May 2010 by installing a bridging section over the damaged span.

What is involved?

The works involve the design and construction of a new single span footbridge with headroom clearance over the motorway compliant with current standards. Both ramps, which will be suitable for wheelchair access, and stairs will be provided on each side of the new bridge.

The new bridge will also be suitable for cyclists and will be constructed as close as possible to existing bridge on its east side.

To minimise disruption and ensure the safety of motorists and pedestrians, the majority of the fabrication work will be undertaken off site with large sections being lifted into place when complete.

How much will it cost?

The cost of the works is approximately £2,600,000.

What stage is it currently at?

Construction of the bridge commenced in January 2015 and is due to open in September 2015.

How will it affect me?

During the period of the works, the M8 will remain open to all traffic other than three overnight closures of the motorway to allow for the installation of the new footbridge and the demolition and removal of the existing bridge. The overnight closures are required so installation can take place when traffic flows are lighter and, subsequently, delays are minimal.

Please note that the new footbridge will open to the public prior to the closure and demolition of the existing bridge. Therefore, pedestrian access will be maintained at all times.

What is being done to reduce the environmental impact?

The environmental impact of the works will be minimised and control measures will be put in place to protect the local environment. It has been decided to leave the embankments, which allow access to the old bridge, in place and to replant them with small trees. They will therefore continue to screen the motorway locally.

Are there any other online legal documents/public notices relating to this project?

In August 2014, Transport Scotland promoted the M8 Special Road (Hillington Footbridge) Order 2014. This was made to allow the slight change in the route of the footpath between the old and new bridges.