M8 Kingston Bridge south approaches — cope and parapet refurbishment

Why is it needed?

The bridge works are to replace the existing copes and parapets with new copes and parapets that will be designed to current Standards. This is part of an on-going programme of cope and parapet refurbishment works on Kingston Bridge and the bridge approaches.

What is involved?

The existing copes and parapets will be removed and  new reinforces concrete copes will be constructed with anchorages for the installation of new parapets.

How much will it cost?

The cost of the works is approximately £1 million.

What stage is it currently at?

The Scheme is currently being developed

How will it affect me?

During the period of the works, a traffic management system will be implemented.  Three reduced width lanes will be maintained during the period of the works for M8 traffic to reduce delays and minimise any disruption. A communications strategy will also be developed to keep all stakeholders advised and to minimise delays.

What is being done to reduce the environmental impact?

The environmental impact of the works will be minimised. Control measures will be put in place to protect the local environment.

Are there any other online legal documents / public notices relating to this project?