M876 Glenbervie connecting roads

What's involved?

The northern slip road will tie into the A9 Stirling Road by means of a roundabout, which will also provide access to Glenbervie House Hotel and Glenbervie Golf Club. The southern junction will connect with A9 Stirling Road by means of a give-way T-junction. Construction of these two new slip roads will upgrade junction 2 on the M876 from a 2 -way junction to a 4-way junction. The upgraded junction will be located approximately 3.5 kilometres north east of junction 1 on the M876 and 2.2 kilometres south west of junction 8 on the M9.

What stage is the project currently at?

The Statutory Orders have now been made.

Why is it needed?

To remove trips from the local road network to the safer strategic trunk road network in line with Government policy.

How much will it cost?

Around £3 million. The scheme will be jointly funded by Transport Scotland, Falkirk Council with a contribution also from Scottish Enterprise.

Project start date


Project completion date

The contract period is 26 Weeks.

Impact on travel

Traffic management arrangements are still to be completed

Environmental impact

The Environmental Statement was published in May 2007.


Made Orders were published on Tuesday 17 August 2010.

The M876 (Glenbervie Connecting Roads) Compulsory Purchase Order 2010

The M876 (Glenbervie Connecting Roads) Side Roads Order 2010

The M876 (Glenbervie Connecting Roads) Special Road Scheme 2010