Community Bus Fund 2023-24 - Resource Funding

Below lists projects taken forward under the resource funding through the Community Bus Fund (CBF) 2023-24.

Project Name

Lead Authority

Funding Received

Project Overview

Clacks MUV

Clackmannanshire Council


Project includes review, consultation and business case work. Funding would cover required consultant support to undertake the necessary public engagement to inform the needs for the Multi-Use Vehicles (MUV), to review the current provision to identify where there are overlaps and where integration of transport would bring about a benefit. 

AC Direct Operation

Aberdeenshire Council


Project to appraise options to expand or amend the Council’s operation of bus services and compile the necessary information required to complete an outline business case for the preferred option.

Highland Perthshire Community - Bus Operation

Perth & Kinross Council


Project covers an options assessment, in terms of establishing a small, local authority operated bus depot in the Highland Perthshire town of Aberfeldy.

Network Review

Dumfries & Galloway Council


The Project will look to Review the local bus network to determine what further work is required based on information already held. Including baseline work, Passenger needs, Supply chain (health check of local markets) and then a look at operational model. Structural changes to public sector and regulation will be assessed for the potential impact including franchising and Bus Services Improvements Partnerships (BSIP) models. DRT will be tested against existing models.

Passenger Transport Strategy Review

Aberdeenshire Council


The project will look to review and update Aberdeenshire Council’s Passenger Transport Strategy (PTS) 2014 which incorporates the Public Transport Policy Statement (PTPS) passengertransportstrategy.pdf (

Moray Enhance

Moray Council


The project will undertake a local bus network review and establish a council strategy and action plan for public transport within the area considering opportunities presented by the 2019 Transport Act.

Bus Delivery Framework

Tayside and Central Scotland Regional Transport Partnership Tactran


The project will provide location and context-based review of new powers, transferable lessons, and options for transformation at local and regional levels.

  • Opportunities, limitations, and constraints.
  • Potential for application, partnership, and funding; avoiding negative consequences.
  • Apply to bus alliance outcomes.
  • Identify opportunities to expand services.
  • Recommend options, support business case development.

Local Transport Review

East Lothian Council


The project will support the recruitment of one Public Transport Assistant for the direct checking and surveying of the local bus network and the other to work between roads and transport surveying, uploading sustainable/active travel options.

SEStran Move Our Bus (MOB)



The project will use the CBF funding to feed into the development of a Regional Bus Strategy and, in particular, to consider how best to utilise the competitive advantage of a local authority-controlled bus service. The options could include a series of BSIPs, an overarching regional BSIP, a complementary data BSIP, the development of a franchise network or the extension of the operation of the municipally owned network, as the foundation of a world class bus network.

2019 Transport (Scotland) Act - Preparatory Works - SPT and Partners



The project covers three aspects:

A) Rural Transport Study Baselining and Needs Assessment: Review/assessment of rural transport provision (including CT, DRT, NHS, supported bus network) and an initial community needs assessment for rural, remote and island communities.
B) Municipal Bus Operation - Technical Assessment: Technical review of legal/governance, financial and organisational structures regarding establishment of a Municipal Bus Company and potentially as a Community Transport Operator.
C) SRBS Delivery - Data Scoping: Scope of schedules for specification of data provision from operators in line with the forthcoming Transport (Scotland) 2019 Act regulations and guidance.