Scottish Zero Emission Bus challenge fund

The aim of the Scottish Zero Emission Bus Challenge Fund (ScotZEB) is to support swift, and significant, change in the bus market in favour of zero-emission technologies. This will support the Scottish Government’s purpose to create sustainable and inclusive growth. In particular, the fund aims to support the National Outcomes relating to the Economy, the Environment, and Fair Work and Business.

By supporting the swift transition to zero emission vehicles and infrastructure, the fund will help to achieve targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, contribute to the delivery of Low Emission Zones, encourage inward investment and growth in the supply chain of zero carbon vehicle and energy solutions in Scotland, with associated employment, economic and social benefits. 

ScotZEB is a new challenge fund focussed on supporting innovative business models designed around the characteristics and opportunities presented by zero-emission buses and associated charging or refuelling infrastructure. Bidders are strongly encouraged to put in place arrangements with partners or collaborators, to minimise the level of subsidy being requested. This may involve, for example:

  • collaborations across multiple bus operators to get the financial benefits of scaled demand for new buses;
  • collaborations with non-bus vehicle operators or Local Authorities to get the benefits of scaled up demand for hydrogen;
  • partnerships between energy companies, operators and financiers to use the charging infrastructure to generate new revenue streams;
  • partnerships between financiers, manufacturers to purchase buses for leasing to operators;
  • or a range of other possibilities.

Please note: The closing date for ScotZEB Phase 1 applications is midnight, 4 November 2021.


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