Figure 1.1 The western side of the existing Ba Bridge (Non-Technical Summary).

Figure 2.1 The western side of the existing Ba Bridge.

Figure 6.1 Road raised on embankment
Figure 6.2 The vast expanse of Rannoch Moor blanketed with deglaciation features such as moraines and drumlins.
Figure 6.3 Hummocky moraine or drumlin immediately adjacent to the road on the north side of the river. The cutting is immediately adjacent to the road (centre of picture).

Figure 7.1 Catchment area for the River Ba devoid of extensive tree cover.
Figure 7.2 Loch Ba west of Ba Bridge.
Figure 7.3 River Ba within the vicinity of Ba Bridge, looking west.
Figure 7.4 Rippled flow in River Ba immediately west of Ba Bridge
Figure 7.5 Areas of slow flow in the River Ba.
Figure 7.6 Vegetated river banks.
Figure 7.7 Bank material, comprising till underlying an organic soil.
Figure 7.8 In-stream bed material.
Figure 7.9 Embankment-toe drainage ditch on NE side of Ba Bridge.

Figure 8.1 Semi-improved acid grassland verges with many species that would not be locally present without the embankment and road.