Table 2.1 Key construction stages

Table 3.1 Anticipated Key Construction Sequence

Table 4.1 Stages of EIA according to DMRB, Volume 11
Table 4.2 Best practice guidance used for environmental assessment
Table 4.3 Mitigation hierarchy

Table 5.1 Organisations, businesses and people consulted.
Table 5.2 Scoping matrix of key consultee issues with the 2006 responses having credence over earlier responses.
Table 5.3 Summary of issues scoped 'in' and 'out’

Table 6.1 Site value criteria for geodiversity
Table 6.2 Impact magnitude criteria for geology, geomorphology, soils and hydrogeology
Table 6.3 Assessment of impact

Table 7.1 Site sensitivity of water quality and drainage
Table 7.2 Criteria for determining the magnitude of impact.
Table 7.3 Significance of the impact of the scheme on local hydrology and water quality

Table 8.1 Annex I habitats and Annex II species present in Rannoch Moor SAC
Table 8.2 Evaluation of the Nature Conservation/biodiversity value of ecological receptors.
Table 8.3 Potential impacts of road schemes.
Table 8.4 Summary of Impacts, and post-mitigation Residual Impacts on Ecological Receptors

Table 9.1 Landscape Value Criteria.
Table 9.2 Landscape Sensitivity Criteria
Table 9.3 Landscape Magnitude of Change Criteria
Table 9.4 Significance of Impact
Table 9.5 Sensitivity of receptors to visual change
Table 9.6 Magnitude of Visual Change Criteria
Table 9.7 Significance of Visual Impact Assessment

Table 10.1 Generic impacts on the water environment due to construction activities.
Table 10.2 Specific impacts to water environment due to construction activities.
Table 10.3 Water environment mitigation measures for the construction phase for specific impacts.

Table 11.1 Relevant government planning and policy documents.

Table 13.1 Environmental Impacts Table

Table 14.1 Schedule of environmental commitments. All mitigation required during the construction, operation and maintenance of the scheme.