Next Steps

Our technical advisors, Jacobs, will take forward the development and assessment of the Preferred Route as part of the DMRB Stage 3 assessment.

As we look to refine, develop and further assess the design of the Preferred Route, further consultation is planned during the DMRB Stage 3 assessment. We will keep you updated through a range of direct communications and consultations.

We will also be considering:

  • Provision of private means of access.
  • Proposals for lay-bys.
  • Proposals for active travel facilities.
  • The location and layout of road drainage infrastructure, including detention basins and treatment ponds.
  • Environmental mitigation measures such as mammal underpasses, landscape planting and noise barriers.

Any additional ground investigation, ecology and other environmental surveys required to help inform the design will be carried out. This will lead to the development and publication of the Environmental Impact Assessment Report. The draft Road Orders will define the line of the developed Preferred Route. The draft Compulsory Purchase Order will define the extent of land needed to deliver the project.