A9 Dualling Programme Strategic Environmental Assessment Non-Technical Summary


Halcrow Group Ltd has been instructed to provide a Strategic Environmental Assessment of the A9 Dualling Programme on behalf of Transport Scotland.

The assessment is based on the information that has been made available at the time of publication and this Environmental Report is presented as a consultation document. Any subsequent additional information arising during the public consultation period may require revision or refinement of the conclusions.

It should be noted that:

  • The findings within this report represent the professional opinion of experienced environmental scientists, sustainability consultants and other specialists. Halcrow does not provide legal advice and the advice of lawyers may also be required.
  • All work carried out in preparing this report has utilised and is based upon Halcrow's professional knowledge and understanding of current relevant European Union, UK and Scottish standards and codes, technology and legislation. Changes in this legislation and guidance may occur at any time in the future and may cause any conclusions to become inappropriate or incorrect. Halcrow does not accept responsibility for advising of the facts or implications of any such changes.
  • This report has been prepared using factual information contained in maps, documents and data prepared by others. No responsibility can be accepted by Halcrow for the accuracy of such information. All maps, illustrations and other sources of data are credited where appropriate.
  • Every endeavour has been made to identify data sources, where appropriate. Additional data sources are listed in the baseline for reference.
  • This report represents the independent views and recommendations of the consultants conducting the analysis, and may not necessarily reflect the opinions held by Transport Scotland.