Annex A: List of Indicators for Active Travel Framework

Increase the Number of People Choosing Walking, Cycling and Wheeling in Scotland

1.Proportion of short every day journeys by walking and cycling

2. Attitudes towards / propensity to walking, cycling and wheeling

3. Proportion of journeys to school by walking, cycling and wheeling

4. Frequency of walking and cycling for pleasure/exercise

High Quality Walking, Wheeling and Cycling Infrastructure is Available to Everyone

5. Km of traffic free walking and cycling facilities

6. Distance to traffic-free cycling infrastructure

7. Quality of walking and cycling infrastructure

Walking, Cycling and Wheeling is Safer for Everyone

8. Casualties by mode of transport and distance travelled (number and proportion)

9. Perceptions of safety of walking, wheeling and cycling

Delivery of Walking, Cycling and Wheeling is supported by a Range of Partners

10. Level of inclusion of active travel in local development plans

11. Level of public sector spend on walking, cycling and wheeling

12. Perception of community involvement in walking, cycling and wheeling initiatives

13. Proportion of primary schools delivering on-road cycle training

Walking, Cycling and Wheeling is Available to All

14. Household access to a bike (with focus on regional and socioeconomic variation)

15. Proportion of people identifying barriers to walking, cycling and wheeling