The Active Travel Framework is a part of the 2030 Vision for Active Travel, whereby communities in Scotland are shaped around people, with walking and cycling the most popular choice for short, daily journeys. The framework outcomes are presented in Figure 1 and include (1) increasing the number of people walking, cycling, and wheeling; (2) having a high quality infrastructure for these travel modes; (3) and (4) enabling walking, cycling, and wheeling that is safer and available for all; and (5) providing support in the delivery of active travel by a range of partners. In addition, this framework contributes to achieving a larger set of strategic objectives, such as (1) a decrease in carbon emissions; (2) a creation of safer, healthier, and more pleasant communities to live in; (3) a reduction of inequalities; and (4) a provision of support for the delivery of sustainable economic growth.

National Performance Framework Outcomes:

  • We value, enjoy, protect and enhance our environment
  • We live in communities that are inclusive, empowered, resilient and safe
  • We are healthy and active
  • We tackle poverty by sharing opportunities, wealth and power more equally
  • We are creative and our vibrant and diverse cultures are expressed and enjoyed widely
  • We grow up loved, safe and respected so that we realise our full potential
  • We have a globally competitive, entrepreneurial, inclusive and sustainable economy

Active Travel Strategic Objectives:

  • Cut carbon emissions and other pollution
  • Delivering liveable, more pleasant communities
  • Better health and safer travel for all
  • Reducing inequalities - jobs, services, leisure
  • Supporting delivery of sustainable economic growth

Active Travel Vision:

Scotland’s communities are shaped around people, with walking or cycling the most popular choice for shorter everyday journeys.

Active Travel Outcomes:

  • Increase the number of people choosing walking, cycling and wheeling in Scotland
  • High quality walking, cycling and wheeling infrastructure is available to all
  • Walking, cycling and wheeling is safer for all
  • Walking, cycling and wheeling is available to all
  • Delivery of walking, cycling and wheeling is promoted and supported by a range of partners
  • Figure 1. Outcomes, Strategic Objectives, and Vision for National Performance Framework and Active Travel

Alongside the framework, a range of indicators were developed to inform progress against the outcomes (see Appendix A). This report presents baseline data on these indicators, including previous trends, where available. The baseline year is 2019 as the framework was published in November 2019. The majority of data comes from the questions on transport and travel asked in the Scottish Household Survey, an annual, cross-sectional national survey looking at the composition, characteristics, attitudes and behaviour of private households. It is important to note that most of the indicators provided in this report which refer to the year 2020/2021 cannot be compared to previous years and/or used to examine the long-term trends. This is due to the Coronavirus pandemic, which significantly affected the way the individuals worked, lived, and travelled over this period. Likewise, the 2020 data is not available for some indicators, given the reduced capacity of the Scottish Household Survey during the pandemic.