Executive Summary

p>Transport Scotland’s Annual Procurement Report details the successful delivery of 40 regulated procurements with a value in excess of £108 million. During the financial year, our procurement activity has complied with the four procurement commitments made in our Transport Scotland Corporate Procurement Strategy 2021-2022. These commitments support our aims of delivering a sustainable, inclusive, safe and accessible transport system. We retain our commitment to continuous improvement and maintenance of a high capability in terms of our procurement activity. Details of our regulated procurement activity is shown in Appendix A.

Sustainable procurement principles underpin all Transport Scotland procurement activity and contribute to the delivery of the Scottish Government’s just transition. We remain at the forefront of implementing a wide range of community benefits into our contracts and procurements. We have maximised our impact in delivering employment and training opportunities and supporting young people, adults and businesses throughout Scotland. Through our procurements, our suppliers are supporting communities by creating economic benefits for local people and community groups, as well as visiting local schools, providing environmental benefits, supporting local businesses and making charity donations. 

Community benefits reported by our suppliers during the period include the creation of over 470 new entrants’ positions, around 80 apprenticeships, over 120 graduate positions and 45 work placements. Transport Scotland highlight a range of community benefits provided by our suppliers over the reporting year in Appendix B. Our suppliers also awarded over 590 sub-contracts valued in excess of £90 million.

Transport Scotland is committed to promoting the use of supported businesses and social enterprises through our procurements, and our suppliers have placed contracts and orders with a value in excess of £430,000 during this reporting year.