Clear - Keeping Scotland’s traffic moving

Joint Outcome

To minimise the impact of incidents on road users and the economy through an integrated, co-ordinated approach to safe partnership working.

Joint Responsibilities

  • ensure due regard for personal safety and the safety of others throughout the co-ordination of the incident response
  • co-operate, co-ordinate and collaborate to ensure effective and efficient partnership working between responders
  • support other responders in achieving their objectives, ultimately contributing to timely carriageway re-opening
  • establish effective leadership from each responders’ scene leader to
    co-ordinate the incident response
  • warn and inform with regular updates to control rooms on:
    • incident management progress
    • traffic management measures
    • estimating accurate times for carriageway re-opening
    • off network issues
  • participate in timely debriefing with handover of control and scene transfer to appropriate partner responder
  • identify, agree and allocate time bound actions to address emerging issues
  • execute allocated actions

Roles and Responsibilities

The responding organisations’ individual roles and responsibilities are set out in the following pages.