Clear - Keeping Scotland’s traffic moving

Fire and Rescue Service


The Fire Services support incident resolution by:

  • extinguishing fires and protecting life and property
  • rescuing people from a fire and its consequences including
    a range of other hazards and road traffic collisions


  • save life through search and rescue
  • rescue people trapped in road traffic collisions and emergencies
  • extinguish fires and protect life and property in the event of fires
  • respond to, contain, mitigate effects and prevent further escalation of incidents involving hazardous materials and loads including radioactive substances
  • assist with casualty handling
  • undertake body recovery if it is in a dangerous position, such as road traffic collisions which are only accessible by Fire and Rescue Service equipment
  • ensure the health and safety of persons within the inner cordon
  • conduct mass de-contamination when required
  • being mindful of the economic pressures surrounding protracted road closures