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Ambulance Service


The Ambulance Services support incident resolution by:

  • ensuring the initial health needs of those people who become ill or injured whilst travelling on the network are met
  • initiating and seamlessly delivering rapid assessment, response and where required, treatment of those individuals involved


  • save life together with the other emergency services
  • accurately assess and triage calls received to incidents
  • protect the health, safety and welfare of ambulance staff as far as is reasonably practicable
  • provide triage, treatment, stabilisation and care of those injured at the scene
  • treat those involved as individuals and respond to their needs as such
  • arrange the most appropriate means of transporting those injured to the receiving and specialist hospitals (involving use of Helimed when required)
  • provide a focal point at the incident for all National Health Service (NHS) and other medical resources
  • where required, nominate and alert the receiving hospitals to receive those injured
  • act as a portal into the wider health services including specialist health advice when required
  • responsible for decontamination of casualties in a Hazmat or chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear incident
  • being mindful of the economic pressures surrounding protracted road closures