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Vehicle Recovery Service


The Police manage, through their Recovery Agent, the recovery of broken down or damaged vehicles and their loads involved in incidents:

  • the Police leads where the vehicle is (or is suspected to have been) involved in criminality, is otherwise the subject of investigation or is causing an obstruction
  • Transport Scotland through their Operating Companies will provide assistance to the Police through the recovery process when requested which may include but is not limited to road closures and scene clearance
  • Transport Scotland through their Operating Companies will manage the recovery of broken-down vehicles within traffic management arrangements
  • Responsibilities

On instruction, safe removal of vehicles and their loads that have been abandoned or are causing a danger or an obstruction to other road users
and scene clearance.

  • storage and, if necessary, disposal of vehicles that have been removed
  • undertake forensic recovery of vehicles where investigation is required (Police recovery only)
  • being mindful of the economic pressures surrounding protracted road closures

The recovery scene becomes the responsibility of the Recovery Contractor during recovery and it is the Recovery Contractor who has legal responsibility for personnel on scene under terms of current Health & Safety legislation.