1. The other two evaluations relate to the improvements to the Larkhall – Milngavie route and the reopening of the Airdrie – Bathgate service. 

2. The five STAG criteria are Economy, Environment, Safety, Accessibility & Social Inclusion and Integration.

3. Scottish Transport Appraisal Guidance (Transport Scotland, 2008), p. 71.

4. ORR Estimates of Station Usage, available at

5. The station was opened in May 2009 and therefore the 56,496 represents only a partial year to March 2010

6. Respondents could select multiple options and therefore percentages do not sum to 100. For example, of all respondents, 58% said that they used Laurencekirk station for commuter purposes, while 86% used it for ‘other’ purposes. Therefore a number of people used it for both.  In addition, those using it for commuter purposes will use the station more times per week than those using it for ‘other’ purposes. This results in a higher number of commuter journeys per annum.

7. n = number

8. While the number of journeys being made into Laurencekirk are reported here, it should be noted that the number for those travelling into Laurencekirk is much smaller than those travelling out and the sample size for the latter is therefore much smaller.

9. While no stops were dropped, it was explained by NESTRANS that opportunities for additional stops elsewhere were lost due to including a stop at Laurencekirk

10. The STAG reported in 2003 prices, these valued have been updated to 2013 using RPI.

11. In appraisal, to allow a like-for-like comparison of options where costs are incurred and benefits accrue over different time periods these are discounted to a common price base of the day. This is defined as the present value.

12. The analysis did not consider the impacts of ‘increased competition as a result of better transport’ as the position under STAG is that this is neutral, and ‘increased output in imperfectly competitive markets’ as this is accounted for as an uplift in the CBA.

13. See

14. Based on the 2010 mid-year population estimates, the ten settlements in Aberdeenshire with population levels most similar to Laurencekirk are Banff, Kemnay, Newtonhill, Oldmeldrum, Blackburn, Mintlaw, Newmachar, Aboyne, Balmedie, and Alford.

15. These are: Job Seekers Allowance; Employment Support Allowance or Incapacity Benefit or Severe Disablement Allowance; Lone Parents Income support claimants with a child under 16 and no partner; Carer’s Allowance; Others on Income Related Benefit – Other income support (including IS Disability premium) or Pension Credit claimants under State Pension age; Disabled Disability Living Allowance (DLA); Bereaved Widows Benefit, Bereavement Benefit or Industrial Death Benefit.

16. From 2010 ‘% population aged 16-64 claiming ‘Key Benefits’’ replaced ‘% working age population claiming ‘Key Benefits’’ as a result of changes in the female state pension age.