Executive Summary

Executive Summary

This Health Impact Assessment (HIA) presents a high-level appraisal of the possible health effects of the Forth Replacement Crossing project (the proposed scheme). The purpose of an HIA is to assess any potential health consequences of the proposals, to use this information to make recommendations to reduce the risk of adverse health effects and, where possible, to improve the health outcomes resulting from the proposal.

Issues that can influence health and wellbeing include changes to people’s environmental, social and economic conditions. This HIA identifies the potential for effects on human health and wellbeing based on currently available information on the proposed scheme. It draws from the output and findings of a number of other studies on the proposed scheme, including in particular the Environmental Impact Assessment reported in the Environmental Statement and the Design Manual for Roads & Bridges (DMRB) Stage 3 Scheme Assessment Report.

The HIA takes into consideration the positive impacts of the proposed scheme which, by providing a replacement traffic crossing and thereby negating the risk of a closure or severe restriction in crossing capacity, would prevent widespread socio-economic impacts which would otherwise have adverse consequences for health and wellbeing.

Other positive and negative health effects have been identified during construction and operation. These are generally of negligible to minor magnitude. Effects may be more likely in the areas close to the proposed new road connections to the north and south of the Main Crossing.

Mitigation measures from the Environmental Statement considered relevant to this HIA have been acknowledged and any further mitigation considered necessary based on the results of the HIA has been identified.