4. These are Job Seekers Allowance; Employment Support Allowance or Incapacity Benefit or Severe Disablement Allowance; Lone Parents Income support claimants with a child under 16 and no partner; Carers Allowance; Others on Income Related Benefit - Other income support (including IS Disability premium) or Pension Credit claimants under State Pension age; Disabled Disability Living Allowance (DLA); Bereaved Widows Benefit, Bereavement Benefit or Industrial Death Benefit.

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14. See Footnote 16

15. This figure is based on the matrix found in ANNEX 2 Manning Matrix of MSN 1823 (M). The specification given above is marginal between 4 or 5 crew members and will depend on the designer of the vessel. Any designer should therefore aim to maximize the matrix to reduce crew members to 4. Applying the Matrix gave a figure of between 105-110 (ie as per the Matrix, 4 crew members, the Matrix Index being between 99-110). However a sensitivity case using 5 crew members has been included should the designer meet all other criteria, but find the matrix figure be unavoidably 111 or above (Matrix Index for 5 crew members being 111-130).

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17. See footnote 16.

18. The range of Gross Tonnage (GT) for a passenger and a RoPax vessel varies considerably and will depend on the final configuration decided on by the designer and owner of the vessel. We have found that generally a passenger only vessel as described by us in paragraph 4.7.8 has a GT of between 190t to 520t (this being a vessel equivalent to the Clyde Clipper though of 40 m LOA as opposed to 27m LOA) to the Wight Ryder II which has a GT of 520. We have therefore taken a median tonnage of 355t for calculation purposes. The largest suitable reviewed vessel MV WIGHT SKY (see 4.7.18) which trades between Lymington and Yarmouth on the Isle of Wight has a GT of 2,546. This design could be modified to provide an acceptable GT of 1,100 (removal of additional mezzanine car deck and reduction in navigational space and passenger accommodation, including lifts) and thus this figure was used as the upper GT of the desired range. The lower figure of 500GT was taken from the existing Western Ferries vessels, which we know to work safely and efficiently, albeit with limited foot-passenger accommodation."

19. Fuel costs taken for MGO at Falmouth 12th March 2013


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24. Note that any residual value after 15-years would effectively increase the net revenue over the period - for the purposes of this analysis, due to the inherent uncertainties around this, we have assumed no residual value.


26. The current rate of Corporation Tax in 2013 is 20% (Small Profits Rate (<£300k)) and 23% (Main rate of Corporation Tax). This would of course be subject to change.