Direction signs and symbols

Symbols for use on direction signs

The LEZ symbol for use on direction signs is discussed in the section “Signs for Low Emission Zones”. Additionally, the SSI introduces two further symbols, and replaces an existing symbol, as follows:

  • Property managed by Forestry and Land Scotland (replacement symbol T304.1)
  • Nature reserve managed by Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) Scotland (additional symbol T305)
  • Service point for motorhomes (additional symbol)

Symbols for tourist signs

The symbols relating to Forestry and Land Scotland and the RSPB are incorporated in Schedule 12 Part 17 and are for use only on tourist signs. The two symbols are illustrated in Figure 6.

Figure 6: Symbols for Forestry and Land Scotland (left) and RSPB
Brown signs showing green tree icons, or with text saying 'RSPB'

In the case of the Forestry and Land Scotland symbol, this replaces the Forestry Commission Scotland symbol shown in TSRGD 2016 (T304.1) reflecting a change to the relevant organisation name and logo.

In the case of the RSPB symbol, this now enables the symbol to be used on tourist signs in Scotland, as was already prescribed for England and Wales in TSRGD 2016 (as reference T 151.1).

Trunk road and motorway tourist signing guidance is available on Transport Scotland’s website.

Symbol for motorhomes service point

The SSI introduces an additional symbol indicating a service point for motorhomes, illustrated in Figure 7.

Figure 7: Symbol indicating a service point for motorhomes
Motorhome icon

The symbol is added to the tables Schedule 12 Part 11 and Part 24. Inclusion in Part 11 prescribes it for use on primary (green) and non-primary (white) route direction signs, and on tourist signs (brown). Inclusion in Part 24 allows it to be incorporated on signs indicating services, but excludes its use on truck-stop signs.

The symbol can also be used on local facilities signs to Diagram 2308.1, as detailed in the section below.

The direction of the symbol is reversed depending on the direction of the facility, and it is coloured white where it features on a dark background.

Amendments to the local facilities sign

Schedule 12 Part 26 of TSRGD 2016 includes a direction sign indicating a route to local facilities, Diagram 2308.1. The SSI amends the criteria for using this sign in Scotland, and the symbols which may be incorporated.

Within TSRGD 2016, the condition for use of this sign is that the small town or village not on a main through route must provide “parking, public toilets, refreshments and fuel during normal shop opening hours at least”.

The SSI reduces the minimum requirement, so that the small town or village not on a main through route must provide parking, and at least either public toilets or fuel during normal shop opening hours.

This will allow more small towns and villages to be signed, and it is considered that the reduced provision remains a facility of value to road users, particularly in more remote areas.

The SSI also adds to the symbols permitted to be displayed on Diagram 2308.1, to include:

  • Facilities for recharging electric vehicles
  • Service point for motorhomes, as discussed in the preceding section

Figure 8 illustrates the full amended sign as shown in the SSI, but symbols should be removed as applicable based on the facilities available. Note that the symbols indicating facilities for disabled people, motorhome servicing and bed are to be oriented depending on the direction given by the sign.

Figure 8: Amended sign for local facilities featuring additional permitted symbols
Sign saying 'Thorpe St Michael local facilities' with icons of fuel, bed, motorhome etc

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