Summary of the amendments

A summary of the amendments introduced through the SSI is provided below.

Additional signs

LEZ symbol: An additional circular symbol to be used on traffic signs, such as direction signs and advance warning signs, indicating a Low Emission Zone.

LEZ entry sign: An additional sign to indicate the entry to a Low Emission Zone, incorporating the LEZ symbol, and advising that cameras are in operation for the purposes of identifying contraventions of LEZ schemes.

LEZ repeater sign: An additional sign permitted for use within a Low Emission Zone, to remind drivers, incorporating the LEZ symbol.

LEZ end sign: An additional sign to indicate the exit from a Low Emission Zone, incorporating the LEZ symbol.

LEZ road marking: An additional road marking to emphasise the entry to a Low Emission Zone.

RSPB symbol: Permitting this symbol to be used on tourist information signs, for relevant attractions (as it currently is in England and Wales, as reference T 151.1).

Countdown markers to speed limits: Additional signs incorporating countdown markers to identify a speed control area approaching. This is particularly intended for use on approaches to towns and villages.

Symbol for motorhome servicing: An additional symbol for use on direction signs, to indicate locations where motorhomes and campervans can be serviced (water, toilet etc.).

Amendments to TSRGD 2016 signs

Additional warning sign legends: Extension of the permitted plates to be used with Diagram 562 (triangular exclamation mark warning sign), enabling cyclists crossing and concealed accesses to be highlighted.

Requirements for local facilities signing, Diagram 2308.1: Amendments to the required thresholds, allowing wider use of the local facilities sign. This will enable more remote village services to be signed, where they would not have met the TSRGD 2016 threshold. It will also allow electric vehicle charging facilities and motorhome servicing facilities to be included on this sign.

Town or village entrance sign: Extension of the permitted background colours which can be used on the town or village entrance sign featuring a phrase and image (Diagram 2404).

Forestry and Land Scotland symbol: Updating the symbol for this organisation (reference T 304.1 used on tourist information signs).

Parking distance plates: Permitting a second distance to be included on the parking area approach sign, Diagram 2501, allowing drivers to make a more informed choice.

Pedestrian zone – flashing lights: Permitting the pedestrian and cycle zone signs (Diagrams 618.3B and 618.3C) to be identified by flashing lights. TSRGD 2016 only allowed for fixed time periods.

Transitional and savings provisions

Provisions are included within the SSI to ensure that existing signs already in place on the network will remain valid, even where they are superseded by the amendments. This is addressed in Regulation 8.

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