Next steps

The Zero Emission Truck Taskforce has been a powerful collaborative process, and all of the organisations involved in developing this pathway have welcomed the opportunity to engage. We have demonstrated our clear willingness to work together across haulage, manufacturing, skills, finance, energy and government sectors and we pledge to continue to work closely together.

The pathway is only an early step of the journey that we are all on. We collectively recognise that more must be done and that we must maintain our energy and involvement, actively embracing new partnerships, technologies, and business models.

Even during the 18 months of the Taskforce, much has changed – and it will continue to do so. We live in an interconnected world and events outside our borders will influence the speed at which progress is made. Many countries are seeking to decarbonise their transport systems at speed, and international collaboration alongside a willingness to replicate successful enablers will be powerful tools in stimulating change.

We expect to revisit these commitments annually to ensure that progress is maintained and that newly emerging challenges are identified and addressed, and opportunities grasped. We will collectively assess what is required to enable the full spectrum of heavy and long distance HGV operations once those technologies have matured.