Casualties by mode of transport

In 2022 there were 3,179 car users reported injured in road collisions; over half of all road casualties (57%: 3,179 out of 5,587) and a 9% increase on 2021. Of these, 101 were killed, an increase of 84% from 2021, and 808 seriously injured.

There were 904 pedestrian casualties recorded in 2022, one in six of all casualties (16%: 904 out of 5,587) and up by 134 (17%) since 2021. Four per cent of pedestrian casualties were killed (34 out of 904) and 40% seriously injured (362 out of 904).
(In addition to people walking, this category includes people riding toy cycles on the footway, people pushing bicycles, occupants of prams or wheelchairs, and people who alight safely from vehicles and are subsequently injured.)

Pedal cycle casualty numbers in 2022 decreased by 7%. There were 478 pedal cyclist casualties recorded in 2022, and 2 died (8 fatalities fewer than in 2021).

Motorcycle casualties increased by 2% in 2022. 465 motorcycle casualties were reported, of whom 278 (60%) suffered serious injuries and 25 died, an decrease of 5 fatalities on 2021.

A total of 116 bus and coach users were reported injured (an increase of 45% on 2021), of whom 20 were seriously injured, none died.

Together, all other modes of transport accounted for 8% of casualties in 2022 (445 out of 5,587), for 7% of those killed (12 out of 174) and for 6% of those seriously injured (112 out of 1,759).

Figures on numbers of casualties by mode should be compared with data on mode use since changes could be due to more or fewer people travelling by a particular mode. Information on mode use is published in the ‘road traffic’ and ‘personal travel’ sections of Scottish Transport Statistics (STS). Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been significant changes to people’s travel behaviour in both 2020 and 2021.

Figure 6: Number of casualties by mode of transport, 2022 - as described in text above
Figure 6: Number of casualties by mode of transport, 2022