Key findings

  • There were 5,587 road casualties reported in 2022. Of these, there were 174 fatalities, 1,759 people were seriously injured and 3,654 people were slightly injured.
  • The total casualty figures for 2022 are the third lowest since records began.
  • Casualty numbers for 2020 and 2021 were affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and the associated changes in travel. However, now that all restrictions have been lifted and traffic levels and travel patterns are returning to pre-pandemic levels, there have been increases in all severities for 2022.
  • The number of fatalities increased by 33, from 141 in 2021 to 174 in 2022. This latest rise follows on from a long-term downward trend. Since 2000, the number of people killed decreased by 47%.
  • Car users had the highest number of casualties in 2022 (3,179), followed by pedestrians (904) and pedal cyclists (478).
  • Compared to last year, pedal cyclist casualties fell by 7%. However, pedestrian casualties increased by 17%, car casualties increased by 9% and motorcyclists by 2%
  • Scotland’s latest road safety framework includes 4 national casualty reduction targets due for delivery in 2030 (Table 1). These compare performance against a 2014-2018 baseline period.
Table 1: Casualty reduction targets from Scotland’s Road Safety Framework to 2030
Target 2030 target reduction 2022 reduction achieved
People killed 50% 0%
People seriously injured 50% 37%
Children (aged < 16) killed 60% 17%
Children (aged < 16) seriously injured 60% 34%

Statistics in this publication are provisional. Final figures will be published in Reported Road Casualties Scotland in October 2023. Figures may change as a result of late returns and amendments to the data. These changes are likely to be small.