LEZ regulations - Business Regulatory Impact Assessment - 18 January 2021

Business and Regulatory Impact Assessments (BRIAs) look at the likely costs, benefits and risks of any proposed primary or secondary legislation. They also cover voluntary regulation, codes of practice, guidance, or policy changes that may have an impact on the public, private or third sector.

The BRIA explains:

  • why the government is proposing to intervene
  • options the government is considering, and which one is preferred
  • how and to what extent new policies may impact on them, on business and on Scotland's competitiveness
  • the estimated costs and benefits of proposed measures.

A BRIA has been undertaken in relation to the LEZ regulations. The BRIA undertaken for the LEZ regulations builds on the partial BRIA which was undertaken during the development of the Transport (Scotland) Act 2019 during the Bill process.

Published Date 25 Jan 2021 Topic