Meeting - Pathway development - Zero Emission Truck Taskforce - 9 February 2023



  • Minutes and actions of the last meeting

Pathway themes identified at January workshops

  • Are these the right themes to build an HGV Decarbonisation Pathway around?
  • Is anything missing?

HGV Decarbonisation Pathway working groups

  • How does the Taskforce wish to organise the working groups which will develop these themes into concrete actions?
    • Are the areas proposed the right areas of focus? What is missing?
    • Are elements relating to TCO and business model best explored separately or as an integral part of other workstreams? Does this differ for BET and FCET?
    • Should the deepening of international partnerships be explored within agreed workstreams or as a separate focus?
    • Is increasing the supply of ZE HGV into Scotland an area for focus (eg though demand aggregation), or is this primarily dependent upon energy infrastructure being put in place?
  • What do you want the working groups to bring back to the Taskforce?
  • Are there particular issues that the working group should seek to resolve or produce options for?
  • How do you want to resource the working groups - will you take on the work yourself or bring in people from your organisation?
  • How should working groups report progress to the Taskforce in March?
  • Will the final HGV Decarbonisation Pathway benefit from being more or less detailed?

Timeline to finalise the Pathway

  • Discussion around what is required to finalise the Pathway, eg sign off processes etc.
    • Are additional dates required for Taskforce meetings? If so, at which point(s)?

Next meeting

  • 30 March 2023 - 9.30
  • The Minister for Transport will chair the next meeting - how would the Taskforce like to use the time with her?

Meeting papers

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