Draft Zero Emission Truck Taskforce Vision Statement


Members of the Zero Emission Truck Taskforce are working towards a future where all trucks operating in Scotland are fully zero emission; operators, both large and small, are confident in the technical and financial choices open to them; there is ample on route and depot charging / refuelling available in all parts of the country; some operators own their own trucks while others access a vibrant leasing market which benefits operators, manufacturers and the finance sector; and Scotland achieves net zero by 2045 at the latest.

Important steps on the way include:

  • Detailed information on the hurdles standing between the world as it currently is and our envisioned future, and an agreed sequence of actions to overcome them.
  • Empowered taskforce members who take robust action to propel the transition, inspiring and encouraging action amongst their peers.
  • A culture of collaboration between operators, the manufacturing, energy and finance sectors built upon robust data.
  • Favourable options for all sectors affected by the transition, including SMEs and consumers, to ensure a Just Transition. 
  • Concrete activities embedded within the pathway to put Scottish innovators in the best possible position to seize global opportunities.
  • A skilled workforce, confident and equipped to handle the challenges presented by mass transition to zero emission vehicles and infrastructure.