Annex F

Annex F

Equality Impact Assessment - Results

Title of Policy Modern Trust Ports for Scotland
Summary of aims and desired outcomes of Policy Refresh of guidance on governance of trust ports.
  • to include more Scotland centric issues of relevance to the sector
  • provide inclusive guidance suitable for trusts of all sizes and types of operation
Directorate: Division: team Transport Scotland, Aviation Maritime, Freight & Canals Directorate, Ports & Harbours Branch


Following the issue of revised guidance by Department for Transport in 2009 it was decided that Scotland would produce its own revision of the original 2000 guidance to meet the different issues affecting the sector in Scotland. The guidance is non mandatory and relates to the governance of trusts and not to the operational aspects of port business.

Our aim was to include flexibility for smaller trusts in particular and meet the needs of the wide variety of Scottish trust ports.

The EQIA was considered by ports branch officials with input from equalities specialists.

The Scope of the EQIA

The equality impacts of this guidance were considered to be limited to the protected characteristics of gender as the ports industry is generally male dominated and women are under represented on port boards based on available membership data.

Key Findings

From information available on port websites and annual reports it was noted that only 6 ports (out of more than 30 in the trust sector) could be identified with any women board members.

Recommendations and Conclusion

To address the apparent under representation of women a line encouraging increased participation was included in section 2 of the guidance.