The Strategy’s vision and priorities are shared across the Scottish Government and are embedded in policy making for transport and associated sectors including planning and energy. 

Our Monitoring and Evaluation Strategy shows how our four priorities contribute to nine of the 11 National Outcomes from the Scottish Government’s National Performance Framework.

The National Planning Framework also recognises the cross-cutting nature of the Strategy, as it sets out the strategic framework within which future decisions on investment will be made, including the sustainable travel and investment hierarchies. 

Transport Scotland continues to deliver its policies and projects within a wide context.

The First Minister’s Policy Prospectus, ‘New Leadership: A Fresh Start for Scotland’, centres on the themes of equality, opportunity and community, setting out how we will deliver for the people of Scotland over the next three years. 

The Mandate Letters from the First Minister detail the transport outcomes that will be delivered for 2023-24, from building further resilience to climate change to making our public transport system more accessible, available, and affordable to investing in active and sustainable travel.

Our Programme for Government specifies our commitments in key areas such as a 20% car kilometre reduction route map and publishing the Fair Fares Review report.

The Bute House agreement with the Scottish Green Party and the Verity House agreement with the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities (COSLA) also outline a number of commitments for partnership working in addressing the climate emergency, just transition and tackle poverty.