Setting out what we deliver

We continue to publish Delivery Plans for the Strategy, which highlight the actions being taken forward to deliver our shared vision. These Delivery Plans focus on the activities of the Scottish Government, not the wider public sector – recognising the sheer breadth of action and work ongoing across transport in Scotland cannot be captured in one list.

Actions in these Delivery Plans are consistent with the Climate Change Plan Update and are underpinned by the Sustainable Travel Hierarchy and the Sustainable Investment Hierarchy, prioritising walking, wheeling, cycling and shared transport options in preference to single occupancy car use, and with the aim of reducing the need to travel unsustainably.

The first Delivery Plan (2020-2022) was published in December 2020, bringing together Scottish Government actions to help achieve our vision for the first time. Within the context of the uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we remained focused on delivering our priorities, which are central to achieving a green recovery and a just transition to net zero greenhouse gas emissions. We undertook a series of impact assessments on the Scottish Government’s actions contained within this Plan and published these on our website.

The second Delivery Plan (2022-2023) was published in June 2022, setting out the practical actions which are underway, or due to begin, across Scottish Government which will deliver the vision, providing a coordinated overview to our transport investments and projects.

This Report to Parliament is being published alongside the third Delivery Plan in autumn 2023.