Third delivery plan

Our third Delivery Plan builds on the already-announced measures on transport and headline areas of work from across the Scottish Government, using the opportunity to focus on the actual actions and deliverables required to put these policy and strategy initiatives into effect.

The diagram below shows the Strategy’s vision for a sustainable, inclusive, safe and accessible transport system, helping deliver a healthier, fairer and more prosperous Scotland for communities, businesses and visitors. This vision is underpinned by four interconnected priorities: Reduces Inequalities, Takes Climate Action, Helps Deliver Inclusive Economic Growth and Improves our Health and Wellbeing, with associated outcomes.

The vision, priorities and outcomes were developed in collaboration with stakeholders across Scotland and remain at the heart of the Strategy. The four priorities continue to provide the basis upon which we take decisions and evaluate the success of Scotland’s transport policies.

Our Actions

While the majority of actions are grouped under the four NTS priorities and their associated outcomes, we are progressing a range of actions which cut across several areas.

  • Significant action is being taken to develop, deliver and invest in Scotland’s strategic transport infrastructure for the long term. We will publish the transport infrastructure delivery plan for the second Strategic Transport Projects Review (STPR2), laying out our priorities for investment and providing further insight on the programming of the 45 STPR2 recommendations. Work is already underway to deliver 38 of these recommendations, with consideration ongoing on how best to mobilise the remaining seven.
  • A draft targeted Transport Just TransitionPlan will be published in 2024, outlining key policies and principles needed to deliver a fair transition to Net Zero in the transport sector. This follows our discussion paper on the Just Transition Plan for the transport sector and which was published in June 2023.
  • As a successor to the Ferries Plan (2013 to 2022), the draft Islands Connectivity Plan Strategic Paper and the draft Long-Term Plan for Vessels for Ports will be published for public consultation in the coming year. The Islands Connectivity Plan will consider island transport connectivity with regard to aviation, ferries and fixed links, and to connecting and onward travel.
  • In March 2023, we published our draft Local Transport Strategy guidance for consultation with stakeholders including local authorities, COSLA, SCOTS, public agencies and advocacy groups. The Local Transport Strategy offers an opportunity to set priorities, agenda, direction and process for change at the local level. This review of the draft guidance is intended to support local authorities as they develop and implement their strategies at a local level. A working group is being established following the analysis of the consultation and finalised guidance will be published during the period of this plan.