Fair Work First

All public sector grant recipients must adhere to the Fair Work First criteria, which seeks to address particular challenges in Scotland's labour market, to make a real difference to people and their communities, business and other organisations and the economy. Whilst there are several principles set out in the FWF guidance, there are mandatory principles that recipients of public sector grants (including Network Support Grant) must adhere to, specifically:

  • Payment of at least the real Living Wage to all paid employees aged 16 or over (including apprentices).
  • Provide appropriate channels for effective workers' voice, such as trade union recognition.

Workers or volunteers who receive no wage from an employer are exempt from this condition, as are operators who are solely self-employed.

Non Mandatory Elements:

  • Investment in workforce development.
  • No inappropriate use of zero hours contracts.
  • Action to tackle the gender pay gap and create a more diverse and inclusive workplace.
  • Offer flexible and family friendly working practices for all workers from day one of employment.
  • Oppose the use of fire and rehire practice.

We recognise that initially not all grant recipients may be in a position to pay the real Living Wage, therefore an exception can be applied for whilst working towards this.

Further information is available on the Scottish Government’s Fair Work First webpage, and Transport Scotland’s NSG webpage.