NSG Demand Responsive Transport (DRT) Operators

DRT/flexible services available to the general public that are registered with the Traffic Commissioner as local bus services will qualify for NSG.

NSG funding will be paid to Section 22 Permit holders and PSV Licence holders who operate registered eligible services, including those run on behalf of local authorities or other organisations.

Local authorities who contract out DRT services should provide Transport Scotland with a list of contracting operators and services and notify us immediately in the event of any changes being made to the operators used and services supported, as this will assist our claims handling procedures. These details can be emailed to nsg@transport.gov.scot.

Given that the demand driven nature of the services makes it impossible to assure and accurately judge estimated kilometre coverage in advance, operators will only be entitled to claim NSG in respect of these services in arrears as a certified year end claim. As documentary evidence to support a claim for NSG in respect of DRT services, Transport Scotland requires the following information: Registration particulars properly recorded as a local bus service with the Traffic Commissioner (as recorded by DVSA).

  • Service operating area map and details of booking arrangements by which the general public would avail themselves of the service (e.g. publicity brochure).
  • Records of each booking taken and the operator on the road performance in satisfying the booking, for example:
    • Customer’s name and address and contact telephone number.
    • Date and time of booking.
    • Date, time and location of customer pick-up.
    • Date, time and location of customer set-down.

The Traffic Commissioner requires these records to be kept for 12 months in order to satisfy themselves that the services ran as claimed. Transport Scotland requires that these records be kept for 24 months in order to verify journeys for the purposes of assuring NSG entitlement.

These records can be kept by the operator, their certifying accountant, contracting local authority or call centre/shared service provider if applicable.

These records must be provided upon request to Transport Scotland for the purposes of assuring NSG claims in accordance with the conditions of the scheme as set out on the appropriate claim form.

Where a DRT contract is operated on behalf of a local authority there is usually a requirement to provide detailed passenger information for reconciliation.

When submitting your NSG claim you should provide copies of this information to assist with our validation. If you cannot provide this you should contact us to discuss our requirements at nsg@transport.gov.scot

If you operate a combination of both timetabled and DRT services you will be required to submit the DRT service claim separately on a six-monthly basis and show the details on the claim at the appropriate sections. Please contact nsg@transport.gov.scot for further information.