Appendix A11 Bitumen Binder Equivalence

Appendix A11 Bitumen Binder Equivalence

A11.1 Introduction

In some road types, particular binder grades are not permitted or are not permitted for machine-lay. In general, hand laying is not recommended where the material is likely to be difficult to compact adequately, especially in cold conditions.

A11.2 Base and Binder Course Materials

Binder grades permitted for Base and Binder Course materials are shown in Table A11.1, provided that the layer thickness is amended to that shown in the table.

Table A11.1 - Permitted Base/Binder Course Binder Grades and Layer Thickness

Notes to Table A11.1:

1) NP = Not Permitted
2) H = Hand-lay only – not recommended for hot weather & not permitted for machine-lay
3) Shaded cells denote the thicknesses for the preferred binder grades noted in Appendix A2 against the binder courses for SMA, AC and HRA.
4) Thicknesses for combined binder and base course for Flexible Roads noted in Appendix A3 generally reflect ACBC material, being the more commonly used material.