NG3 Excavation

NG3 Excavation

NG3.1 Breaking the Surface

NG3.1.1 High Amenity and Natural Materials Surfaces

1) When excavating in modular construction within high amenity areas, or in natural materials within any footway area (as defined in Section S1.4), the Undertaker shall lift the existing modules carefully and store for re-use.

2) More recent construction tolerances of existing modules often make it unlikely that the first module in an individual excavation can be lifted without the module itself being damaged. In such circumstances, this damage may be inevitable, but it is expected that the damage is limited to only one module in an individual excavation.

NG3.2 Excavation

1) HSG 185 "Health and Safety in Excavations" gives guidance to those carrying out excavations.

2) Where possible, all excavations should be planned before commencement of works on site.

3) Work must be undertaken and supervised by properly qualified personnel.

NG3.3 There are no Notes for Guidance

NG3.4 Side Support

1) Where required, there must be sufficient quantities of appropriate plant available to provide safe trench support.

NG3.5 - NG3.7 There are no Notes for Guidance