There was unanimous agreement from participants that people experiencing poverty, who use public transport, and are in underrepresented groups should meaningfully participate throughout the Fair Fares review:

People who on lower incomes are affected the most, they should be the one with a voice.”

This citizen panel offer to support that ongoing participation by being available to work with the Scottish Government and to meet with Ministers and others.

There was recognition of the role the Scottish Government has in reaching out to people experiencing poverty. Participants suggested taking participation out into communities most affected by working with community sector and schools and nurseries. Participants felt strongly that there should be a significant emphasis on ensuring representation of women, asylum seeking communities, and Black and minority ethnic people.

Linked to this, participants were keen to voice their concerns that participation can often be a tick box exercise. To demonstrate that the voices of people experiencing poverty are valued and respected participants emphasized that their participation must lead to policy change:

I think that with any process of participation that involves people retelling their lived experience, it’s really important that that leads to change.”